Scent Classes

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WoofBeach Shore – Scent Classes – 132 West Liberty Drive – Suite 100 – Wheaton – Call 630-528-0300

Scent Training classes for dogs are now available at WoofBeach Shore in Wheaton. Sign your pup up for this informative class that builds confidence and enhances the bond between dog and owner!

Also known as scent work, scent training classes are a positive, engaging activity that gives dogs an opportunity to utilize their powerful natural abilities in a way that’s rewarding and enjoyable. It also develops a trusting foundation between you and your canine buddy.

The training involves teaching your dog how to identify and locate particular scents by using essential oils like clove or birch. The training shares some elements of how law enforcement professionals teach detection dogs to locate substances.

Scent training is something that dogs of practically any age or breed can take and enjoy the benefits! Stop in at WoofBeach Shore or call us for more details.

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