Restaurant Etiquette

Restaurant Etiquette

WoofBeach Shore – Restaurant Etiquette – 132 West Liberty Drive – Suite 100 – Wheaton – Call 630-528-0300

When your dog is well-trained and responds properly to basic obedience commands, it make it much easier to bring him or her along when you leave the house. Taking your dog to a restaurant that allows pets, for example, can be a pleasant experience for each of you. WoofBeach Shore is now offering restaurant etiquette dog training that will give both you and your canine friend the tools you’ll need to make dining out together enjoyable and stress-free!

After going through training, your dog will exhibit good manners, which is essential for remaining calm and at ease in a restaurant, particularly if it’s busy and crowded. Also, you’ll learn practical tips on how to properly manage your four-legged pal in pet-friendly restaurants.

To enroll your dog in restaurant etiquette training, call WoofBeach Shore at 630-528-0300 or stop by our facility in Wheaton!

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