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Dog Daycare Wheaton IL

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Are you searching for a safe and sanitary place where your dog can spend time and receive care while you’re gone during the day at work or school? At WoofBeach Shore, we offer affordable, professional Dog Daycare Wheaton IL. Stop by our facility on West Liberty Drive to learn more! Just some of the benefits of enrolling your pet in Dog Daycare Wheaton IL include:

-Dogs can remain active during the cold weather months. Dog Daycare Wheaton IL is especially beneficial in the winter season when we’re a less motivated to go outside. At WoofBeach Shore, your pet can enjoy physical activity without the risk of frostbite or hypothermia.

-A solution to separation anxiety. Suffering from separation anxiety is tough on dogs and owners alike.

Without any type of physical activity or socializing, dogs can start to feel anxious when their owner leaves for the day. For example, they might spend their time crying, barking, chewing furniture or licking their paws. Without a doubt, it’s difficult to know that your dog is suffering. Dog Daycare Wheaton IL gives owners the peace of mind knowing that their pet is in a safe and pleasant environment where he or she can get exercise and enjoy the company of other dogs too.

Dog Daycare Wheaton IL

Even if you’re not in need of Dog Daycare Wheaton IL every day, weekly socializing – particularly in group settings – can provide your canine with the positive activities and structure they crave. Although it might not fully eliminate the issue of separation anxiety, it is certainly a healthy, beneficial way to limit your dog’s time alone.

-Maintain a healthy routine. At Dog Daycare Wheaton IL at WoofBeach Shore, our canine guests enjoy routine feeding and playtime along with bathroom breaks and time for rest. Consistent structure and daily routines are essential for canine health. Dog Daycare Wheaton IL sets healthy structure that is consistent with your dog’s regular routine at home. This is particularly beneficial if your canine friend is full of energy and needs lots of exercise. However, dog daycare is also beneficial for older dogs or those who have limited mobility. Our staff breaks up playtime into manageable amounts of time and ensures that dogs get plenty of rest time as well.

The WoofBeach Shore staff receives dog care training and remains dedicated to your pet’s daycare needs, safety and overall experience. At Dog Daycare Wheaton IL, your pet can learn new activities and also enjoy socializing with other dogs, which provides ongoing mental and physical stimulation that is essential for health. Talk with our Dog Daycare Wheaton IL staff about the types of activities your pet enjoys. There might be some that you’ll be able to do at home to help your dog remain active while also strengthening the bond you share.

-Prevents your dog from causing damage to your home while you’re gone. Arriving home to a mess or destroyed, chewed furniture is something no pet owner wants. It’s common to feel frustrated and want to reprimand your pet for negative behaviors when you’re gone during the day. However, those actions are simply your dog expressing they’re upset and anxious from being along all day. Enrolling in Dog Daycare Wheaton IL will relieve you of worries that come from leaving your pet alone too long. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and taking part in healthy activities.

Why Exercise is Essential for Dogs – Dog Daycare Wheaton IL – WoofBeach Shore – 630-528-0300

Just as it is for their human companions, exercise is important for dogs. It can not only help tone their muscles and build endurance, but also provides mental stimulation while promoting healthy metabolic functioning. Without regular physical activity, dogs can suffer from boredom and steadily lose interest in everyday life. This can result in a lifestyle that puts dogs at risk of health problems. Here are a few of the issues that can affect dogs if they are cooped up indoors all day:

-Losses of muscle tone and mass. When a canine’s muscular tissue strength is too low, it can make their body rely too heavily upon the tendons and joints. This in combination with gaining weight can put dogs at risk of problems such as arthritis.

-Weight gain. It is quite common for dog owners to provide their pets with snacks rather than giving them the physical activity they require. This is a common cause of dog obesity. Health problems become far more likely when a dog is significantly overweight.

-Destructive behaviors. Chewing on furniture, excessive barking, howling or biting are all bad behaviors that can occur with dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. Be sure that your canine friend takes part in regular exercise to prevent these issues.

In addition to affordable, safe Dog Daycare Wheaton IL, WoofBeach Shore also provides professional grooming services that will keep your canine looking and feeling good! Some of the key benefits to regular grooming for your dog are:

-Consistent grooming will help maintain a healthy fur coat and skin. Scrubbing and drying followed by a thorough brushing helps remove dead skin cells and fur. It also allows air to circulate throughout the dog’s coat. Brushing is important because it helps distribute the animal’s natural oils through their coat.

-Enables our groomers to inspect your dog’s coat and skin. A grooming appointment provides our staff to detect any abnormalities or signs of problems with fleas or ticks. Frequently, dog groomers are first to discover these pests and remove them from the dog.

-Deal with matted fur by brushing through it or shaving it, depending upon how severe it is. Areas of matted fur on a dog’s coat are not particularly unusual during the warmer time of the year. However, it’s advisable to deal with matted fur before winter arrives. Mats can be painful and cause irritation for their dog because it often pinches and pulls the skin.

-Ear hair trimming and nail trimming services are very healthy for dogs. If it’s been a few months since your pet had a nail trim, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment soon at WoofBeach Shore.

Regular dog nail trims are essential because overgrown nails can cause significant discomfort for a dog. Long nails can make it painful for the dog to stand and walk. Ear care is also important for canines too.

Trimming and removal of ear hair serves to open up more space in the ear to promote air flow. When ear hairs are left to grow too long, moisture can start to collect in the ear, which risks infections.

-Consistent grooming is a great way to ease anxiety for pets. Sometimes dog owners will be a little reluctant to schedule their pets for grooming if the pet displays fear and doesn’t appear to enjoy the experience. In general, if a dog goes longer than four to six months without grooming, they may start to view it as a type of punishment. When they receive grooming every six weeks or so, however, dogs will be much more comfortable with it. Every time your dog visits WoofBeach Shore for grooming, they’ll leave feeling and looking good!