Misconceptions About Dog Grooming IL

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It’s only a few particular breeds that need regular Dog Grooming IL.
While it’s true that long-haired dogs like poodles require regularly scheduled haircuts while dogs with shorter hair can go longer, most any kind of canine should be bathed and have consistent brushing.

Dog Grooming IL

Dog Grooming IL is about much more than just a stylish cut – although that is a big part! Every breed—regardless of age, size or fur coat type—requires thorough grooming to prevent common problems like skin irritations and excessive shedding, uncomfortable matted and bad breath. At WoofBeach Shore, we take excellent care of your dog’s coat, skin, teeth, ears and nails.

There are some breeds that do not shed.
All dogs shed to some degree. Dogs’ fur coats helps to maintain a consistent body temperature and also protects their skin. Shedding happens when fur stops growth. It is natural for canines to shed the most in the spring and fall seasons, though heavy shedding can also result from stress, skin problems or even environmental issues. Consistent bathing, Dog Grooming IL and fur coat brushing can help to keep shedding manageable.

Dogs should have their fur coats shaved close to the skin in the summertime.
While this might sound sensible for keeping a dog cool in the hot weather, it’s typically not advisable for many dogs. A dog with a dense fur coat depends on it for insulation and a consistent body temperature. Shorter-haired dogs depend on their coats for protection against sunburn in the daytime and against chills after sunset. Talk with one of our Dog Grooming staff about how your canine can beat the heat.

Over the counter “people” shampoo is fine to use on dogs.
Not true. To begin with, human skin and dog skin do not possess a similar pH balance. Human shampoo might strip away oils and dry out the upper layers of a dog’s skin and remove their natural safeguard against infection. Ask a WoofBeach Shore Dog Grooming expert for suggestions on which shampoo would be right for your dog.

An occasional bath is all dogs need.
Bathing every two or three weeks not only helps your dog shed less and smell fresher, it also helps prevent skin problems too. WoofBeach Shore uses specialized shampoos that will refresh your pet’s fur coat and leave them feeling great.

For many dog owners, it can be a challenge knowing how frequently to have their dog bathed. The answer depends on a few different factors such as their breed, length of fur coat and general lifestyle.

Dog Grooming IL

A dog with a heavy, dense fur coat usually will require more Dog Grooming when compared to dogs with shorter coats. Without regular care and grooming, longer-haired fur coats will start to look duller and become tangled.

Health Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming IL At WoofBeach Shore

While our experienced groomers are treating your dog, it gives them a chance to inspect for wounds, bumps or other signs of skin irritation. This enables us to identify any potential health problems your dog may have and alert you about them so you can contact your veterinarian before it becomes more serious.

If, for example, your dog has developed a skin condition, our groomers can apply an appropriate product to help protect the skin. In the case of an ear infection, our groomers would typically suggest that you consult with your vet. That way, the variety of ear infection your pet has can be identified and treated.

Overgrown dog nails can be associated with several different canine health problems. For example, they can lead to discomfort while your dog walks or runs. This could cause your dog to move in an abnormal
motion, which can in turn cause bone problems or arthritis if left untreated for too long.

Typically, most dogs should have a nail trim around once per month. For most dog owners, nail trimming is not a task to look forward to. At WoofBeach Shore, our trained Dog Grooming staff know how to safely and painlessly trim your pet’s nails to a healthy length. In addition, consistent nail trimming will serve to prevent an uncomfortable condition in which a dog’s nails can grow all the way around into the animal’s paw pads. Trimming also presents our groomers with the chance to take a close look at your dog’s feet to check for inflammation, tangled fur or cracked paw pads.

A fur coat that goes too long without grooming can result in matted spots and tangles that pull on the skin and cause discomfort. If your dog has a curly fur coat, it is important to watch out for areas of matted fur. With time, these matted areas may cause sores or serve as a host location for fleas or ticks. Regular grooming is a very effective way to avoid this problem.

Dog Grooming also means not as much shedding. Nothing’s more frustrating when you’re trying to clean your house than having a dog shedding fur everywhere – which is not only messy but can also cause the spread of indoor allergens. A good way to manage excessive shedding inside your home is bring your pet to our facility for expert Dog Grooming. We can clean away dander and any loose fur – and your pet will look good and feel clean and refreshed!

Like people, dogs have varying needs when it comes to grooming. Dogs with long hair, as we mentioned earlier, will tend to need different types of grooming equipment and products than dogs with shorter hair. Our groomers use supplies that will work best for your pet’s particular needs for optimal results and to prevent skin irritation. In addition to identifying skin problems, groomers can detect if your dog suffers from fleas, ticks or other parasites that are often not noticeable right away.

Teeth Brushing is an important part

Some pet owners may not be aware that adult dogs have 42 teeth. But before those adult teeth come in, their baby teeth must first fall out. Occasionally, not every baby tooth will come out through. This can cause problems such as irritated gums or tartar buildup. Regular tooth brushing is effective for preventing additional problems. After all, people need consistent dental care and brush their teeth everyday – so why wouldn’t your dogs?

As many as four out of five dogs above the age of three years old have some form of periodontal disease, which can be the result of plaque build-up. When a dog’s gums become swollen and recede away from the teeth, harmful bacteria in the mouth can then find its way into the animal’s bloodstream. This bacteria can then move into important tissues like the kidneys, heart, liver and lungs, leading to infections or even organ failure.

Dogs that do not receive proper dental care can be at risk of losing their teeth, which can be very painful and lead to more health problems. While it can sometimes be difficult to tell when a dog is in pain, they do indeed experience painful sensations like people do. Tooth brushing as part of routine Dog Grooming can help avoid the onset of periodontal disease and minimize the risk of infections too.

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