Agility Classes

Conformation Classes

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Agility training classes utilizes your dog’s natural abilities. The training courses replicate the kind of obstacles dogs in the wild would face while pursuing their prey and serves to stimulate the dog’s hunting instincts.

Agility training also provides healthy exercise. A lot of dogs need plenty of activity to burn away their extra energy, and navigating through various obstacles is a good way of doing that. The challenge will help keep your pup in good condition while increasing endurance and strengthening their joints and bones. Plus, agility training will exercise your dog mentally too, giving opportunities to solve problems and learn.

Another benefit to our agility training classes is that it’s a healthy, informative experience for you too!
While you won’t be running through tunnels or jumping over obstacles, you’ll move alongside your furry friend, staying focused upon their progress and helping him or her achieve goals.

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