Group Obedience Classes

Group Obedience Classes

WoofBeach Shore – Group Obedience Classes – 132 West Liberty Drive – Suite 100 – Wheaton – Call 630-528-0300

Managing a dog that doesn’t know basic commands and misbehaves can be a difficult situation. Whether you have a dog that’s generally good but could learn a few manners or a dog that is consistently problematic, there are lots of reasons why your pet could benefit from group obedience training.

-Easier to manage. In Group Obedience Training class, your dog will learn basic commands like stay, come and sit. These are critical for enabling you to control your pup both at home or at public locations.
-A healthy bond between you and your dog. When your canine friend is well-behaved and responds properly to your commands, it’s more
satisfying and enjoyable for each of you.

-Have fun and gain knowledge. You and your dog will find Group Obedience Classes at WoofBeach Shore to be a fun, rewarding time that brings positive results through engaging, stimulating exercises.

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